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Jack Kearbey in his SE5a built with Replicraft plans
Jack Kearbey in his as-factory built SE5a built with Replicraft Plans

You can build an aircraft the way it came off the factory floor in WW1.  These are true master plans!

About Replicraft


Replicraft plan sets are the result of a modeler of some 50 years becoming very displeased at the so-called "Master Plans" available over the past years.  I decided if  I can not rely on the accuracy of existing plans I should make my own.  But why do anything if you can't do it better?


I feel I have developed several plan sets  that will never be equaled.  I do my own research and use only the most authentic information.  Most of my plan sets are 100% from original factory drawings, construction and rigging manuals.  Indeed these sets are the equivalent of having a  full set of factory drawings!


To my knowledge there is no other source to find drawings this accurate and this complete. I have never had a dissatisfied customer.


I have also had several requests from scale modelers about drawings in different scale, so I am adding the availability of one-sixth scale and one-tenth scale at the same prices as my original one fifth-scale sets

Fred Murrin's Camel built with Replicraft plans

Fred Murrin's completed "as factory built" Camel made with Replicraft Plans

Replicraft plan sets are used in many ways.  Leo Opdycke of WW1.AERO refers to them as historical documents while others buy   them just to own a truly accurate set of drawings. They are used by world class R. C. Modelers such as Peter McDermott, Ian Turney White,  Mick Reeves, David Boddington, Kim Foster, Tom Polapink, Hank Iltzch, Robert Cooper and others.


Replicraft plans are used by full size aircraft builders such as  Roger Freman, Jim Appleby, Fred Murrin, Carl Swanson, Jack Kearbey, and others for aircraft to be displayed in museums. 


Replicraft plan sets are also used to build exact scale museum display models in 1/5 scale.


Replicraft plans are also used by Peter Jackson's Vintage Aviator Group.

SPAD XIII built by Roger Freeman of Vintage Aviation with Replicraft plans
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Lets help keep the dream alive!
The fact that you are looking at this website indicates that you appreciate World War One aircraft.  You can now see them being built and flown at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome.  This is one man's dream to keep alive the interest in early aviation.  See his website at  Read the entire site to become aware of all the things going on there.  Become a member, visit, volunteer your services or make a donation.  Your support of the aerodrome will really be appreciated. 

Please mention that you were referred by Jim Kiger of Replicraft.  Thanks to my customers for any support you can give.
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As owner of Replicraft I have been producing one-fifth scale plan sets for over thirty-five years. Now, at age ninety, it is possible I may not be able to offer this service very much longer.  I very much appreciate my past customers and hope they will think ahead and consider if they might want to get additional plans while they are still available.  Please pass the word to any of your friends that might want to build a ship in the future.  Thanks to the many friends I have made.



Kind Regards, Jim Kiger, Replicraft

Nick flying his dream ship

Nick Caudwell of Victoria, Australia flying his Snipe built with the aid of Replicraft plans!

SPAD XIII as factory- built from Replicraft plans being built by Roger Freeman of Vintage Aviation


Jim Kiger