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For the Discriminating Modeler
Color Documentation

The colors of W.W.1. aircraft are not such a great mystery today thanks to the efforts of  two journals, the W.W.1. Aero journal founded in 1961 by Leo Opdycke and Windsock founded in 1985 by Ray Rimell.  These two journals include the work of  historians, restorers, researchers and collectors of W.W.I. aircraft.  With the help of all these knowledgeable enthusiasts it has been possible to inspect original paints and fabrics that are in museums and private collections and come to conclusions as to the true colors of the paints used.  The resulting information has been coded to the Methuen Handbook of Color.  It is now possible for anyone to paint their aircraft (full size or model) in the proper colors!


Replicraft is now offering a color documentation service for those wanting proof of color and markings of their ship for contest judging.  Documentation packets are available consisting of drawings in 1/25th scale and a folder of one inch square color chips.  The five-view drawings are of three differently marked ships of the same type and the color chips give accurate color documentation.  At this time, only British and French packets are available.  Available packets are listed below.

NOTE:  The documentation packets will be discontinued.  Remaining documentation packs will be given free of charge with plansets when ordered.
Documentation Packets Price Postage
Hawaii &
Hawaii &
Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter (3 five-views plus color chips) $ 25.00 Paid $ 4.00
Sopwith Snipe (3 five-views plus color chips) $ 25.00 Paid $ 4.00
Nieuport 27 (3 five-views plus color chips) $ 25.00 Paid $ 4.00
Nieuport 28 $25.00 Paid $4.00



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